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Hemp Lab was founded in 2018 by two native New Yorkers on a mission to bring the west coast back home. 

We provide cannabis education & access at compassionate and affordable pricing while working to destigmatize cannabis through community.

Made by New Yorkers


For New Yorkers.

Our founders met in high school, quickly bonding over a shared love of plant medicine & cannabis. Upon graduation, they relocated to Washington state to immerse themselves in the medical cannabis industry.


A year later, they started their first cannabis collective garden, allowing them to closely study and practice horticulture and extraction.


By their 3rd year they were operating 3 collective gardens in the state, honing their skills in indoor and outdoor cultivation & working with patients of various ailments with great success.


Returning to New York after 5 years, passionate about applying their experience & continuing their work in helping others at home and abroad, Hemp Lab NYC was conceived.



a little about the people that started it all

Manos Lupassakis

grew up in Brooklyn NY

He's first generation Greek- American

He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and continues this tradition through cannabis.


Likes :


Taking things apart 

Putting them together again


knife carving 

Stephanie Diaz

grew up in the Bronx, NY

She's First Generation

Dominican+Puertorican American 

Cannabis has always been the vessel used to express her passion for horticulture , sustainability and design . 



Long walks in the forest

Mining for crystals




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