Will smoking hemp flower make me high?

No, because our industrial hemp flowers contain little to no Delta 9 THC, you will not experience a “high” as you would from marijuana. Our hemp flowers are however rich in other cannabinoids such as CBD and will give users a body effect.

What should I feel when I consume CBD?

Using CBD has a number of benefits and uses. However the noticeable effect you will feel from consuming CBD is generally in the body. Calmness and stress relief are some of the more common effects from consuming CBD.

What ailments can CBD help?

While the FDA does not acknowledge CBD for treatment of medical conditions, CBD is known to help with many medical conditions . CBD can be used to aid in restlessness and sleep conditions. It is also a very good anti inflammatory and can help users with pain due to inflammation as well as nerve damage. Anxiety and mood disorders can also be benefited from CBD use as it is known to bind to receptors in the brain that are associated with mood chemical balance. The relaxation and anti anxiety effects of CBD are also attributed to helping these problems. There are too many health benefits to list so it is recommended that the user research their particular ailment and see how CBD can help them specifically.

Is the only way to use CBD by smoking/combustion?

No. CBD can be used in many ways. In fact the combustion or smoking of any substance is the least healthy means of ingestion due to the risk of lung damage seconded by Vaporizing. CBD can be be eaten or used topically . If you are looking for help with a specific ailment or effect our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about the proper way to apply CBD.

Is hemp the same thing as Marijuana?

Yes and No. Marijuana is a legally classified drug that produces a high in its users due to high amounts of THC, however both marijuana and Hemp are members of the Cannabis plant family. Hemp however is legally classified as a Cannabis Sativa L variety containing no more than .3% delta 9 THC per dry weight. Any cannabis plant material that does not meet this specification is classified as marijuana and is therefore illegal to posses in many parts of the US.

Do you sell Marijuana?

No. All of our products are either industrial hemp in its raw form or derived from industrial hemp.

Can my pets use CBD?

Yes. Because mammals have endocannabinoid systems the same way that humans do, your furry friends can benefit from the use of CBD the same ways humans can.

Are your products legal to possess?

Yes our products are legal federally in all 50 states as per the 2014 Farm Bill section 7606. We recommend that you use discretion with our products as they may resemble “marijuana” (we do not take responsibility for any criminal prosecution that occurs for possessing our products)